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​​What Can I Do For You?

I am Berkeley, California Certificd in the Seience of Happiness & Positive Psychology by Barbara Frederickson of University of North Carolina. Currently getting a Degree in Coaching in Australia. 

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Sometimes, life can force us into a rut with unhealthy beliefs and habits that can have adverse effects on our subconscious mind. Let

​me break down those barriers and bring forth the positive you!

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 We all tend to concentrate so much on our physical health these days and forget about our psychological health. If you break a leg, someone does not say to you, walk it off, you will be fine.....but if you are going through times of stress, self-doubt, or negative emotions, that is the first thing they say to you...walk it off, you will be fine.

We  need to treat our minds and feelings in the same way we treat our bodies. We need to keep them healthy and take care of the injuries that are caused by emotions, failure, rejection, or bad choices. Just as you would with that broken leg.

Having the strategies in place before these mentally draining events can help you resist stress, self loathing, fear of failure, and being able to bounce back from set backs.

Taking action will build emotional resilience and you will thrive like never before. Let me teach you what I have learned from my years of experience and study.

So what is stopping you from building a better mind set?